Posted on: March 21, 2010 5:04 pm

The best time of the year is about here!

Basrball season is almost upon us.And that means summer is right around the corner!No more snow,Cub fans talking trash to Cardinal fans because they are jealous,ESPN running thier yearly Red Sox and Yankees TV shows (Baseball Tonight and Sportscenter),NO basketball!!!!!!!!!,girls in bikini's,and bar-b-cues!!!!!This IS by far the BEST part of the year.
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Posted on: July 27, 2009 4:27 pm

The FELON is back!

So  Micheal Vick is back in the NFL.He has got to feel blessed.I would.Iguess we will see how much of a man this FELON is,won't we?To me it's not a question of should he be allowed back in or not.I really don't care.It's a matter of the FELON staying in or not.I've heard fans argue that he was the first man or woman to go to jail for dogfighting!One,i find that hard to believe,and two,there has to be a first for everything,doesn't there?Fans wanna compare him to Donte Stallworth's crime.Donte's crime was a true accident,in my opinion rgardless of alcohol involvement.The man jumped in front of his car!The FELON'S crime was premeditated.It was Utterly brutal.I really don't care to hear anything on it's a way of life for some people.That's just a lazy,cop-out excuse.By the time you get to the FELONS age we ALL know that dogfighting is and SHOULD be a very harshly,punishable crime.Come on,we all have Animal Planet,we see what happens.Don't get me wrong,HUMANS do go before ANIMALS,i'm all for that.Every fan out ther,even the ones backing this FELON,ask yourself one question,Wuold you get to save your job if you went to jail for 23 months for a BRUTAL crime?

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Posted on: July 25, 2009 7:48 am

Go away Tebow!!!! Please.

I've heard just about as much as i wanna hear about Tim Tebow.The guy obviously is good.Duh,we know that by now.But,he will ONLY be good in the College Football ranks.And that's it.The season hasn't even started yet,and all we hear is why,and who did not vote for Tim Tebow for SEC All-American or some over-rated,stupid preseason award.He'll be a below average QB in the NFL at best.Maybe he'll excel at another position.I know he has a Hiesmann and two national championships at Florida,but they don't even have a PLAYOFF in College Football,so that kinda makes his National Championships UNEARNED.So please Tim Tebow....GO AWAY!
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